Son dating the wrong girl

“We have always emphasized how important it is that he marry someone of our faith. At times, it can seem like the biggest mistake your child could make.

”A father is very upset with his son’s choice of partner. When young people are crazy in love, it can seem really crazy to the adults around them.

There are red flags a man shouldn't ignore when thinking about whether both he or she is in it for the long haul.

When the pain body does come out you may find yourself in a situation where you think it might be time to move on.

VERY OFTEN, men make the mistake of not moving on for several reasons: 1. It is very painful and frustrating to the ego to find out that the person you are with is not as good as you once thought.

Look deeply in my eyes, my son And listen to my voice Please don't be a hostage And know you have a choice Can't you see you're better off Without chains around your feet? Please listen to me carefully Turn your back and run!

Don't you see how she delights In your anguish and defeat? These things, please ask yourself This truly is a must Do you like being deserted Just when you least expect? True love is nearer than you think Believe me..dear son.

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This isn’t something we would advise doing, though, because it usually isn’t effective.

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