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Todd used flashcards to narrate how she became a victim — detailing how her aggressor tormented her by posting an uncompromising photo of her on the Internet after she refused to give into his sexual demands.

While Todd was struggling to find an escape route from her tormentor, meanwhile in the United States, Luis Mijangos was being prosecuted for hacking into the computers of approximately 230 victims and blackmailing them for sexual material.

His songs cut straight to the bone, partly because he's lived so much of the darkness and light he conveys in his art. Brett Harris @ Memorial—They don't make tunesmiths like Harris anymore, which might be why his classic melodic strengths shine so brightly across an indie-centric landscape. —PB Spooky Woods @ Deep South—In an age of incessant media oversharing, it's refreshing that four Triangle musicians with conspicuously thick résumés—Jeff Crawford, Skylar Gudasz, Casey Toll and James Wallace—have started this band and refrained from saturating Bandcamp with practice recordings. —CH Also: Dub Addis @ Tir Na Nog (see Friday Triptych box), Ilyas Ahmed @ Long View, Wool @ Berkeley, Villages @ Kennedy, Waumiss @ Busy Bee P. Late Bloomer @ Pour House—Splitting the difference between slacker detachment and punk insistence, this Charlotte trio allows fuzz to thicken atop tenacious assaults.

Gudasz is a triple threat, with an arresting soprano voice, a talent for sophisticated songcraft, and instrumental range that includes guitar, piano and flute. M.: Malcolm Holcombe @ Five Star—Once described in a press bio as "the mysterious dishwasher with the subterranean voice and oracle-like talent," Holcombe is one of North Carolina's major underground treasures. rock legacy act The d B's recognized his talents enough to recruit him as a sideman for their recent reunion tour, but Harris is best appreciated playing his own songs, which recall a vivid early-'70s AM radio blend of pure pop, country-folk and sweet soul music.

She delves deep into the sordid and illegal world of online sex shows (unfortunately, the film never explains how she ends up there in the first place) and the next thing you know, drama ensues and we are introduced to the news station’s attorney, played by Jason Bateman, who happens to be the father in Story #2.

—SG Oblivians @ CAM—In 1997, the Oblivians were a lo-fi frenzy, a no-nonsense blitz of finest garage fury.If you’ve read anything in the news about this phenomenon lately, it doesn’t take long to see the direction that story goes.One of the bullies feels badly for the way it all plays out and pities the grieving father, particularly because he can’t bond with his own., a series of three vignette style stories that intersect in their own ways to show us how we’re all somehow connected to each other.Story #1 revolves around a plucky news reporter who convinces a teenage web-cam sex show actor to tell his story in front of the cameras instead of pleasuring himself for Pay Pal donations.

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