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We’ve teamed up with FYI’s Bride & Prejudice to bring you a list of things you should never say to interracial couples.

Next time you think about saying any one of these things to anyone, friend or stranger, think again.

By 2003, the most recent year the question was asked, acceptance had increased to 77%.

The greatest acceptance was among the youngest polled: 91% of Generation Y participants said in 2003 they approved of interracial dating, compared with 85% of Gen Xers, 77% of boomers and 49% of the World War II generation.

It painted an image of a black boy who, but for our familiarity and lineage, would not love me back or see beauty in me because I’m a black woman.Since I myself am in an interracial marriage, I tend to find such trends quite encouraging. But, of course, we have to be cautious about drawing the wrong conclusions from the numbers.Simply because people deals with the often wide gap between stated preferences and revealed preferences.The diehards: Staunch traditionalists cannot conceive or tolerate the idea of their children interbreeding. Whilst there is still alot to do, interracial dating and marriage is far more acceptable in main stream society than previously with current trends slowly dissolving steadfast views.This mentality can be aligned with religion, or strong influences from previous less racial tolerant generations. Individually, many people strive for the acceptance of personal choice, however our choices and decisions are still heavily determined by outside influences such as friends and family.

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