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Having said that, let’s get perhaps the biggest detractors of going paperless out of the way.The difficulty of the transition from a paper-based system to a paperless one is one of the few remaining arguments against going paperless still out there, but quite frankly it’s a talking point that loses ground every day.(Having already stopped in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, the ten-month tour was scheduled to move to Europe and then to the U. Judging from Taipei, I found the Chinese people to be a little more open and less uptight than the Japanese, much less formal and rigid.S., but most of the European concerts were canceled when Berry suffered a ruptured aneurysm, from which he is expected to make a full recovery.) The three dates in Southeast Asia are clearly special, because the venues the band plays in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore are far smaller than it’s accustomed to. I’m sure that’s true here in Hong Kong as well, whereas it’s probably not true of Beijing or Shanghai. Please do not watch this on youtube, get your own original copy. And while you may not approve of her weakness for Alex and his gifts, you understand it. That scene made no sense and should have been cut, as should some of the other phone conversation scenes. There were two obvious weak links in the movie: Jason’s best friend and partner in womanizing, Obi, played by Vincent Opurum, as well as Jason’s sister Katie, played by Tessy Oragwa. There were scenes where she could have been so much better especially acting opposite John Dumelo who is a pretty good actor. Jason’s friend Obi did not come across as sexy and sophisticated if that was the intention. There were other issues – there were some useless scenes that did not lead anywhere, like the scene where Ramsey was talking on the phone in his car saying he was ashamed.

And I love when I can find characters in literature that jump off of the page for me.An explosive version of “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” opens the show, kicking the audience into a screaming, barely contained frenzy.Given the ease-of-use of most current veterinary practice paperless platforms, the increasing demand for mobile-friendly businesses, and the numerous veterinary cloud-based software systems now available, it is nearly impossible nowadays to argue for a paper-based system.As with any comparison of this magnitude, there will always be some give and take.

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